FL1 Overwatch®

Comprehensive service from Liechtenstein for the detection, localisation and neutralisation of attacks via mobile radio interface.

  • Based on the patented, class-leading GSMK Overwatch® technology, our system is the world’s only system for automated, large-scale detection of rogue base stations (including so-called “IMSI-Catchers”) as well as cellular and GPS jamming and spoofing activities;
  • Flexible OPEX model;
  • Front-end of permanently installed, highly sensitive measurement devices to detect and locate malicious mobile communications and GNSS interference whilst meeting all legal and technical requirements for operation at airports;
  • Uses FL1’s dedicated central analysis and monitoring operations centre: manned by highly skilled, security-cleared professionals operating in shifts on a 24/7/365 basis;
  • Clients are given full control over the response: “catch & hold”, “catch & release”, or “catch, hold & do nothing”
  • Hosted in Vaduz, Liechtenstein: a country known as a leader in data privacy, security, confidentiality, and client service;
  • Used by a major international airport.

FL1 Overwatch® Sensors

FL1 Overwatch® Sensors Individual FL1 Overwatch® Sensors will be installed at different spots throughout the protected area, forming a sensor field. They are installed outside and inside of buildings.

The individual sensor spots and the recommended sensor sensitivity depend upon the area’s topography, the architecture of buildings and the aspired coverage.


Locally-led attacks at international airports

After one of their drones had been commandeered by a University of Texas Professor, the US Department of Homeland Security have described GPS as a “single point of failure for critical infrastructure”. As reported by European and US aviation authorities, most airport operations remain woefully unprepared and defenseless against these increasing numbers of hostile electronic activities.

Once restricted only to intelligence agencies, the equipment necessary for such attacks is now readily available on the web, including to “run-of-the-mill” terrorists or corporate competitors.

It is

  • Cheap: less than EUR 2,000 per unit;
  • Widely available: critical components easily found on the web;
  • Inconspicuous, concealable: briefcase size; and
  • Efficient: simple to operate.

In a matter of minutes, an attacker may (i) shut down or eavesdrop on any mobile voice or data/M2M communication, (ii) disable satellite navigation systems through GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing, or (iii) disable precision timing GNSS-based receivers. In an extreme scenario of “terrorist attack”, the human and financial costs of such attacks may become impossible to bear for any organization. Even under less than lethal, “economic disruption” scenarios, the financial impact of a blackout may be quite severe and may cause:

  • Decreased airport capacity;
  • Increase in flight delays due to unavailability of RNAV approach procedures, with the additional consequence of increased air traffic noise;
  • Interception of passengers telephone calls: including VIP, senior executive or government officials;
  • Compromised integrity of airport communications, including Interference with or jamming of machine-to-machine (“M2M”) communication used in operations; and
  • Compensation of passengers for consequential damages.
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