New threats

Manage your security as well as your company.

Today, threat management is a significant factor in your commercial success:

The advancing networking of communication and production also holds significant threats alongside the familiar possibilities. Cyber attacks and industrial espionage are becoming increasingly frequent and are generally carried out unnoticed. Many attackers make use of unsecure data ex-change in mobile and fixed networks. Here, trade secrets can be intercepted with very little effort – whether as voice or data communication. Industrial applications such as M2M or Industry 4.0 and critical infrastructure such as power stations or airports can be manipulated or even deactivated.

An almost 80% risk should not be ignored

A study* shows that 53% of the roughly 1000 companies surveyed in Germany with 10 to more than 500 employees have been affected by data theft, industrial espionage or sabotage.

A further 26% suspect cyber attacks. This is a very alarming finding. For every management team and for the economy as a whole.

*Source: Bitcom Research, March 2017;
period surveyed: 2 years.


Data theft and sabotage top the hitlist

According to the Bitcom study, actual and suspected data theft of sensitive digital data and information adds up to an alarming 38%.

Digital sabotage of information and production systems or operations sadly sits in first place at 41%. The certainly not insignificant number of unidentified cases is not even included!


You wouldn’t usually leave anything else to chance

Around 40% of the cyber attacks identified were noticed by vigilant employees. 30% were resolved purely by chance!

If you weren’t already convinced, these statistics should set off alarm bells throughout your company. Your cyber security belongs on the agenda and in the hands of our experts.

Do not wait until it's too late.

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