The next-generation system as a leader in its class features intelligence and automation along with comprehensive IT security monitoring and risk assessment. And because of the agnostic nature of the platform any log- network and other data can be analyzed and evaluated.


Risk detections modules

Your needs are the starting point: our portfolio comprises six IT risk detection modules which you can select from freely. Our experts assist you in selecting the right components for your IT security monitoring if you wish.

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Advanced Correlation Engine

Correlation within a module as well as cross-correlation of information from various modules results in superior detection of risks and security flaws and a rich view of enterprise activity.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence information is gathered from numerous internal and external globally leading sources, both commercial and open source. Thanks to this information, harmful behaviour can be detected faster – for example connections to or from suspicious IPs of the internal IT infrastructure.

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Risk & Security Cockpit

The Risk & Security Cockpit is the central source for risk and security information. Customised and easy to understand reports and statistics are available on the push of a button.

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