Secure communication

preserves your competitive edge.

Nevertheless, mobile networks have had known security vulnerabilities for decades. The result: your conversations can often be eavesdropped on with affordable mobile devices, and messages can be intercepted without a hassle. Your sensitive data is practically on display. FL1 is the first provider with which you can effectively secure your company.

Weaknesses are ‘systemic’

Telecommunications networks are based on standards which, in places, were developed in the 70s.

Since the seamless operation of even modern networks also requires backwards compatibility, current security knowledge cannot be completely taken into account. This results, nowadays, in attacks which make use of the available vulnerabilities and weaknesses.


IMSI catchers listen in without you noticing

Your mobile communications can be ‘hacked’ at any time without a great deal of effort.

Modern ‘IMSI catchers’, which are becoming ever more readily available and easy-to-use, are able to simulate a mobile radio cell and thus – entirely unnoticed by the user – act as a ‘middle-man’. Conversations, data, messages and locations can be recorded without the ‘data theft’ coming to light.


Skip straight to the counter-attack

Thanks to our expertise. FL1 is the first provider with which you can quickly detect and locate IMSI catchers and jammers which are selectively inhibiting your communication over mobile networks and in global navigation systems.

Only after detecting them are appropriate countermeasures possible. Our measurement systems can be flexibly installed both inside and outside, and monitor individual buildings or entire areas. We are thus able to effectively shield company headquarters, government institutions and critical infrastructure


​Local sensors – central assessment – direct reporting

FL1 sensors installed on site record the ‘behaviour’ of all locally available mobile networks on an ongoing basis.

More than 140 network parameters are monitored in real-time in our security operation centre and condensed into a constantly updated situation report. Anything suspicious is immediately apparent to our experts. Even the local use of jammers and the manipulation of satellite signals can be detected. Your company is informed immediately, and you can take targeted action.

Do not wait until it's too late

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