IT Security Monitoring

IT security is a prerequisite for sustainable corporate success. Numerous measures are taken to protect data. However, the broad and complex functionalities of IT systems offer constantly new entry points for attacks. This is why continuous and centralized IT security monitoring of the IT infrastructure and its components is essential. 

IT Security Monitoring by RadarServices:

  • comprises continuous monitoring of the complete IT infrastructure from the inside and outside and assessment of all event data,
  • expressly scans for vulnerabilities in systems and in their configuration,
  • analyses network traffic intelligently,
  • checks servers for changes and unauthorised software and
  • inspects incoming emails with regard to advanced malware

Included modules:


Risk detections modules

Your needs are the starting point: our portfolio comprises six IT risk detection modules which you can select from freely. Our experts assist you in selecting the right components for your IT security monitoring if you wish.

Cybersecurity Alliance

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