Our approach and the results.

RadarServices offers proactive and continuous IT security monitoring and risk detection provided in the most effective and efficient way. The result: only crucial data is reported:

The approach

  • 24/7 automated IT security monitoring and risk detection: correlation, cross-correlation and aggregation of events from Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and Logging, Network-based Intrusion Detection (NIDS), Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS), Vulnerability Management and Assessment (VAS), Software Compliance (SOCO) and Advanced Threat Detection (Email & Web/ATD).
  • Customer-specific requirements are considered through detection scenarios.
  • The Risk & Security Intelligence Team, our experts for risk and security analysis, analyses the automatically obtained findings in predefined intervals (daily/weekly/monthly).

The result

  • The consolidated and verified IT risk and security information is immediately applicable for remediation processes.
  • No false positives, no false negatives.
  • All IT risk and security information are presented centrally in the Risk & Security Cockpit. Customised and easy to understand reports and statistics are available on the push of a button.
  • Real-time alerts are generated based on dynamically set thresholds.
  • The Risk & Security Intelligence Team gradually takes over the development of customised detection scenarios.
  • A structured IT risk management process is established and leads to transparency.

Your data never leaves your company.

Multi-level as a principle.