Advanced Cyber Threat Detection

Cyber attacks take advantage of the internet and e-mail as the primary threat vectors to compromise important enterprise IT systems and steal data. New types of malware in downloads or in e-mails are not detected by signature-based systems alone. This also applies for the risk of insider threats. All of these threats must be detected throughout the network and analysed centrally.

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection by RadarServices is therefore based on

  • a multitude of systems for signature- and behaviour-driven analyses of the network traffic and next-generation sandbox technologies for the analysis of all incoming e-mail attachments,
  • an advanced correlation engine, which analyses network traffic and events using statistic models, recursive methods and machine learning to differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviour and to detect patterns,
  • the know-how of the Risk & Security Intelligence Team, which analyses, verifies and aggregates all findings.


Risk detections modules

Your needs are the starting point: our portfolio comprises six IT risk detection modules which you can select from freely. Our experts assist you in selecting the right components for your IT security monitoring if you wish.

Cybersecurity Alliance

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