IT Risk Detection

Requirements for risk management in companies and organisations increase continuously. Statutory and regulatory demands, the management’s need for transparency of risks and their remediation as well as the importance of a well-functioning internal control system are key reasons. An annual, biannual or quarterly overview about risks at precisely this point in time is not sufficient. To stay ahead in an environment characterised by uncertainty and change, organisations need up-to-date risk information every day.

IT Risk Detection by RadarServices:

  • comprises 24/7 collection, analysis and assessment of risk information in the IT infrastructure, considering parameters such as the importance of an IT infrastructure component,
  • presents the risks’ impact on IT services and
  • derives risks for business processes,
  • integrates an IT risk management workflow for transparent risk remediation processes and presents the comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent overview of IT risks in the Risk & Security Cockpit.

Risk detections modules

Your needs are the starting point: our portfolio comprises six IT risk detection modules which you can select from freely. Our experts assist you in selecting the right components for your IT security monitoring if you wish.

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